A safe and secure platform for games

We are redefining the online game experience with this secure, smart and easy-to-use platform where investors can also buy and sell TossACoin


What is Toss a Coin ?

Toss a Coin is the future of games, powering the blockchain ecosystem.

Our team, has built a secure, useful, fair and play-to-earn DApp product that is based on the blockchain and can be played anytime and anywhere.

Ultimately, our goal is to integrate all games enthusiasts into a unified blockchain ecosystem that will make business truly efficient, transparent and reliable.

The TAC DApp

Toss a Coin DAPP is a smart contract based project that provides a platform where users can play board games using their crypto assets


The main purpose of Toss a Coin is to provide a fair and fun gaming environment where users can interact with each other and try their luck. Our first mini-game within our project was developed based on the "coin flip" game that everyone loves.

  • Completely decentralized.
  • Accessible to all.
  • A watchable fair and safe gaming environment.
  • An innovative and unique gaming experience.
  • A sustainable investment.


The TAC token is a token developed on Binance Smart Chain, following the Bep-20 standard. The TAC token is the primary currency, used to calculate transaction fees, rewards, and drops for users. But Users can choose different tokens for play the game. Please click how-to-play for details .

Total Supply

1 Billion

Number of tokens for sale

300 Million (30%)


150 Million (15%)


50 Million (5%)


150 Million (15%)

Listings , CEX , Staking & Rewards

350 Million (35%)


Our Roadmap

Q3, 2022

Start of the Toss a Coin Platform Development.

Q1, 2023

Created smart contract on BNB Smart Chain

Q2, 2023

Start playground(Dapp) area development

Q3, 2023

Start Social Platforms (Twitter, Telegram)

Q3, 2023

Meeting with Advisors

Q2, 2024

Launch "Toss a Coin - The Game" on BSC Mainnet

Q3, 2024

Private Sell

Q4, 2024

Public Sell


Listing on DEX


Start Development for other mini-games

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Contact Toss a Coin

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